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Wall Mount Basics - Super Trellis

Wall Mount Basics

Mounting a trellis on the wall is simple. It's a great way to reclaim some shelf space and create a new focal point in a room. Most of our plants want to grow vertically anyway. Allowing them to gr...

Repotting with a Trellis - Super Trellis

Repotting with a Trellis

This repot was wrapped up so quick, it felt like we forgot to do something. Having this Micans trellised on a totem made it easy to remove the plant from the existing pot, and transfer it to the ne...

Trellis for Hoya Carnosa - Super Trellis

Trellis for Hoya Carnosa

 Oh yeah, this needed to happen Recently we purchased a mature Hoya carnosa from our local nursery. The plant had outgrown its wooden trellis and was shooting off vines that were more than three ...