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Basic Wall Kit - Super TrellisBasic Wall Kit - Super Trellis
Basic Wall Kit Sale price$39.73 Regular price$52.98
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Deluxe Wall Kit - Super TrellisDeluxe Wall Kit - Super Trellis
Deluxe Wall Kit Sale price$80.24 Regular price$106.99
Save 25%
SUPER Wall Kit - Super TrellisSUPER Wall Kit - Super Trellis
SUPER Wall Kit Sale price$157.49 Regular price$209.99
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Wall Mounts - Super TrellisWall Mounts - Super Trellis
Wall Mounts Sale priceFrom $3.74 Regular price$4.99
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Pride Wall Kit - Super TrellisPride Wall Kit - Super Trellis
Pride Wall Kit Sale price$80.24 Regular price$106.99

Tailored Trellis Tips!

Every plant is unique, and so are its needs. Dive into our interactive quiz to find the perfect Super Trellis match and gain insights into nurturing your green companion.