Monstera Deliciosa 'Albo' 

Working with a four leaf Monstera Deliciosa and a Tower Pack

This Albo Monstera Deliciosa 😎

The Monstera in this post is a beautiful plant and we wanted to give it the best possible chance to thrive so we decided to use our trusty Super Trellis. Our trellis of choice is the tower arrangement. The tower arrangement is the strongest way to build a Super Trellis and a total MUST for a Monstera Deliciosa. The only way to make this stronger would be to make a metal trellis in the same shape.

This plant is about 12" tall and already in pretty good shape. It looks like it was a top cut from a very impressive mother plant. We've had it for a little over a week now and it's already starting to put out new growth!

The main stem of this plant was only about 8" long, but completely straight. It hadn't been unsupported for very long at the nursery. Probably only 2-3 months by the look of things and could have been on a moss pole. This made our job easy when it came time to build the tower. The Tower Trellis 

The Tower Trellis

Building a trellis for a Monstera Deliciosa like this, requires a bit of patience, but don't worry, we'll walk you through the process step by step. We promise this will take less time than a moss pole. Your goal with any trellis is to enhance the quality of the environment for your plants.

Pot Size

The first thing you'll need to do is find a pot that is at least four inches deep and has drainage holes in the bottom. If your pot doesn't have drainage holes, you can drill them yourself or use a different pot. Once you have your pot, fill it halfway with your choice of potting mix.

Soil Mix

Use a soil mix that is tailored for aroids or use a general-purpose potting mix with some perlite added for drainage. We like to use a 50/50 mix of Black Gold and a coarse Orchid Mix. This provides good drainage while still holding onto moisture. 


If you're building a tower trellis, you might want to consider our extended stakes. Pot-sizes 6" and up can usually accommodate the longer length. This may not be needed for a plant like the one we're working with right now, but it's a lot easier to put them in no rather than during your next potting session.

Extended stakes are two inches longer than standard.


The color you choose for your trellis is completely up to you. We went with our newest color, Pale Mauve. We love the way it looks against the white of the Monstera leaves. 

Pale Mauve was released in April of 2022.

Building the Trellis

After you've purchased your tower pack, the next step is to set it up. You'll want plenty of space to work in, and ideally somewhere that you can make a mess. If you don't have a plant zone of your own, this job might be easier to complete outside.
It's best to complete the majority of your assembly ahead of time before placing the trellis in the pot for the tower trellis. This will ensure you have adequate space between bases and hexagons. Fully build the tower, then split it vertically in half.

Align one half in the pot and then press down firmly into the soil. To make things easier, place one of your halves "behind" your plant so that it may be leaned against the structure. The trellis is like your third set of hands.
The final stage is to place the second half of your tower in the soil. You may need to remove a few hexagons from your tower in order to fit the bases into the pot. This is necessary if you want your plant's leaves to align with the hexagons.It's best to complete the majority of your assembly ahead of time before placing the trellis in the pot for the tower trellis. This will ensure you have adequate space between bases and hexagons. Fully build the tower, then split it vertically in half.

We can now start collecting the plant's individual nodes once we've laid all of our foundations in the soil. Take note of each internode and how they're growing, paying particular attention to whether they're growing vertically or horizontally. You want them to be supported naturally in the least stressful direction. You can relocate them over time to better fit your overall vision for the plant.

Even the largest leaves of Monstera Deliciosa can fit through our hexagons. We've dealt with big form leaves before, so don't worry. All you have to do is take your time and curl the leaves like a taco (or a burrito if they're huge).

Any aerial roots on the back of the plant should be given equal attention. This may be a way for your plant to grow larger leaves depending on your settings. Once a Monstera has firmly anchored its roots to the trellis, it will really deliver results! 

Have a Moss Pole Already?

Building a Super Trellis saves a ton of time compared to moss poles. Doing it this way saves you the time needed to tie the plant to the pole. A tower trellis can be combined with an existing moss pole if need be. This can be a good combination if you have aerial roots already established in coco or sphagnum moss poles.
With a Monstera, you can never have enough support!

Wrap Up

This process is one of the most important parts of owning a Monstera Deliciosa. If you neglect plant support, your plant will start to sag and leaves will grow in random directions. By properly trellising your Monstera, you can be sure that it will stay healthy and look great for years to come.
We'd like to think this is a more liveable solution compared to coco or moss poles. It certainly is less messy than a moss pole and lighter than a metal trellis.
As always, if you have any questions or need help with this process, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're always happy to help!

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Tower Pack

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Each kit includes (10) Hexagons and (8) corners. This is the strongest way to build a Super Trellis. Perfect for plants of any size. From a small pothos, to a mature Monstera Deliciosa, the 1x1 tower can handle them all. They can be built over 6' tall and will last for years!

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Pale Mauve

Primary Color

Adding an accent color to any trellis is a great way to bring out the best in your plants. The trellis in this post is built using all 'Pale Mauve'. Hexagons are available as expansion packs in quantities of 5, 10, and 20. Each pack includes H-Connectors.

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XL Stakes

(4) Quantity

If you are installing your trellis in a pot deeper than 6", the extended stakes expansion pack is for you! These stakes will give your trellis extra holding power. Roots will wrap around these stakes to make the trellis and plant one unified structure. The stakes remove easily from the bases should 

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