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Super Trellis is the world's first modular trellis system for plants. Produced from ECO friendly materials, its lightweight structure provides great support for a variety of plant species.

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Corner Kit
Regular price $7.99


Use this kit of parts to create corners, supports, and totems!

L-Connectors are compatible with all Super Trellis hexagons.

Packs are sold by the "corner" which includes (2) half hexagons and (2) L-Connectors. 

This pack includes (20) Hexagons and (6) Bases. This is enough hexagons to build a trellis up to 28” , (2) trellises up to 14” tall, or (3) trellises up to 9” tall.

Large Packs include enough bases to cover pot sizes beyond 12” wide.
You can use the all of the bases together in one large pot, three bases in two pots, or one base in up to six pots.

hexagon trellis built to handle large plants

Be sure to check out the Corner Kit Expansion Pack if you are planning on building a tall trellis. Generally once a flat trellis grows past 18”, some extra support is needed. It is best to start your base with at least one angle if you know your trellis is going to be tall.
Consider building a 4 sided tower for the greatest stability!

Our products are currently made from sustainably sourced materials and produced in our facility in Buffalo, NY. The specific materials used are called PLA and PHA. Both are a polymer that is derived from agricultural byproducts. More information