It's never been easier to get this done

Once a root mass has gripped onto the trellis, you've got it made in heaven.

Repotting a Fully Grown Totem

Regular repotting gets done about twice a year with our plants. Some people will do this less frequently, some will do it more often. Generally, we repot when we notice a plant drying out (3) days post watering. In this video Pat takes us through repotting his Philodendron Micans. It’s on a 1x1 tower in a 6” pot. 

Click below to watch him turn this whole plant completely upside down, without the plant or trellis falling out.

The Roots Really Grabbed the Stakes!

Super Trellis makes repotting EASY compared to having a plant trellised on any other support.
The roots of a plant wrap around the stakes, and the barbed stakes prevent the trellis from slipping out of the dirt.
You can actually remove the entire mass of soil and plant by pulling on the trellis.
This allows you to handle the plant safely, without any risk of damaging the foliage, or snagging the vines while transplanting.

How We Did This

Steps to take:
1.) Grab a new pot that is about 2” larger in diameter than the previous
2.) Place some soil in the bottom of the new pot
3.) Remove your plant and trellis as one unit from the old pot
4.) (optional) You can break up the root mass, or massage it. This can help break up any pockets of dense compost that prevent your soil from draining evenly.
5.) Place your root mass into the new pot
6.) Align the plant, trellis, and root mass in the pot to accommodate any new additions to your trellis
7.) Add on any new trellis parts. If you are working with a 2D flat trellis, now is a good time to add on a corner kit, and some extra bases. It’s easier to do now rather than later, as the soil will be loose and airy.
8.) Fill in the pot with your soil mix
9.) Water down the soil

Once You're Done

By using a Super Trellis system, the amount of time you will spend transplanting a root mass will be cut down significantly.
Having the plant neatly arranged on a stable trellis helps avoid damaging the plant during the process.
With Super Trellis, you don’t even have to touch the plant at all. The assembly is strong enough to pull on directly as you remove the root mass from the soil.
Once you have repotted your plant, you can add on to your trellis. Compared to having to replace or extend a moss pole, extending your trellis takes a couple of minutes at most. The process is smooth and easy because the system is designed for this specific purpose. 

In this post

Everything we used to make this happen.

Tower Pack

Strong as heck

Each kit includes (10) Hexagons and (8) corners. This is the strongest way to build a Super Trellis. Perfect for plants of any size. From a small pothos, to a mature Monstera Deliciosa, the 1x1 tower can handle them all. They can be built over 6' tall and will last for years!

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Green Tea

Accent Color

Adding an accent color to any trellis is a great way to bring out the best in your plants. The trellis in this post is built using White and Green Tea. Hexagons are available as expansion packs in quantities of 5, 10, and 20. Each pack includes H-Connectors.

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Extended Stakes

2" Longer than Standard

If you are installing your trellis in a pot deeper than 6", the extended stakes expansion pack is for you! These stakes will give your trellis extra holding power. Roots will wrap around these stakes to make the trellis and plant one unified structure. The stakes remove easily from the bases should 

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