Wall Mount Basic Guide

The most important things to know before setting up a wall mount installation.

One small part, endless possibilities.

Being able to grow or organize plants on a vertical surface makes this hobby so much more pleasant. Reclaiming flat surfaces like tables and shelves by getting the plants off them feels like doubling the size of your home. It's crazy how quickly some plants grow, and they can really make a space feel small.

The wall mount expansion pack is a useful tool that can be incorporated in many parts of your home. It can be used to direct long vines, hang small pots on the wall, and accent interior features with new dimension. As long as you clean the surface before mounting, they will stay put for years to come.

This 3 minute video covers everything inside of this blog post!

Getting Started

These kits are simple, with only 2 parts- a mount, and a double sided adhesive pad.
The mount replaces an h-connector in assembly, and is 3/4 in square and stands off the wall 1/2 an inch.
The adhesive pad is double sided, and one side has an extra tab.
To assemble the wall mount, remove the paper backing from the side without the extra tab first, and and apply it to the mount. The mount is slightly larger than the adhesive pad so you don’t need to be exact when applying it, but try to be as centered as possible. Press firmly for 10 seconds. Remove desired h-connectors and replace with wall mounts. There should always be a wall mount capturing each corner of a trellis.
A large or abstract shaped trellis will be a case by case basis, however we recommend 3 mounts as the minimum and as the trellis grows there should be a mount every 8-12 inches.

How We Use Them

In our video, Lauren explains how we have used these mounts to create different vertical assemblies in our house. Some of these examples are purely functional to make our life easier, and some are aesthetic. 

One wall in our living room is totally dedicated to growing plants. Two shelves have been set up to hold pots of different sizes. One large trellis panel was installed above the top shelf, and this is what we use to grow a couple Hoya and Philodendron. We recently refreshed this wall with some new plants. Check out that post once you're done here!

Plant Walls

Functional and Aesthetic

This past year, we did something kind of crazy. We bought a TV... because we didn't have one before LOL. This was a big one for us and we wanted the installation to be extra special. We attached some white hexagons to the wall and use a 'Cissus Discolor' to bring some color to the wall. We think this is a great alternative to traditional framed photos and clutter.

As an Accent

Purely Aesthetic

We have trellis panels set up in our greenhouse that hold new plants and propagations. Whenever a plant is brought home in moss, they land here for a period of time to acclimate. Propagations get held on the wall with pot holder kits until they are ready to be potted. We have a misting system mounted above that sprays water once a day. These panels really help us keep plants alive and prevent them from getting lost.

In the Greenhouse

Purely Functional

How Many Mounts to Use

There are two rules of thumb to use when setting up your own wall mounts.

1.) Minimum of (3) mounts for any sized trellis or (1) mount every 6-10"
2.) One mount for every inch of pot being hung on the wall

As long as you follow these simple rules, you should have plenty of holding power to hold up plants and pots. 

Thanks for checking out this blog post. Scroll down to see the products we used in this guide.

In this post

Everything we used to make this happen.

Basic Wall Kit

Great starting point

The basic wall kit includes 30 Hexagons and 8 mounts. This will allow you to cover about 1 square foot of space. 1-2 potted plants can be trellised with this many hexagons. You will probably have a few left over for the future.

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Pot Holder Kit

Hang (4) Pots

Each kit includes the H Mount adapter and wire tie. These kits can be ordered in quantities of 2, 4, and 8. Each wire tie includes enough to hang up to a 5" pot. The tie can be cut easily with scissors.

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Wall Mounts

Use an existing trellis

You can order wall mounts by themselves if you have a plant already on a Super Trellis. The trellis can be removed from the pot and mounted to the wall behind the pot. The mounts attach directly to any of our hexagons, no need to worry about compatibility.

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