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These posts are a must read if you are getting started with Super Trellis. They cover the most common tasks that our customers complete on a regular basis.

Wall Mount Basics

Mar 27, 2022 Patrick Brady

Repotting with a Trellis

Mar 27, 2022 Shopify API

This repot was wrapped up so quick, it felt like we forgot to do something. Having this Micans trellised on a totem made it easy to remove the plant from the existing pot, and transfer it to the new one. I didn't even have to touch the plant at all, the trellis was strong enough that I could just pull on it. The root mass was wrapped around the stakes, so everything came out as one unit.

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Posts that cover information about our products

Products Made from Potato(es)

May 28, 2021 Patrick Brady

Indoor Gardening

Blogs, theories, and sometimes a couple rants. If you like our perspective on gardening, this is where you can get some more.