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These posts are a must read if you are getting started with Super Trellis. They cover the most common tasks that our customers complete on a regular basis.

Wall Mount Basics

Mar 27, 2022 Patrick Brady

Repotting with a Trellis

Mar 27, 2022 Shopify API

This repot was wrapped up so quick, it felt like we forgot to do something. Having this Micans trellised on a totem made it easy to remove the plant from the existing pot, and transfer it to the new one. I didn't even have to touch the plant at all, the trellis was strong enough that I could just pull on it. The root mass was wrapped around the stakes, so everything came out as one unit.

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Posts that cover information about our products

Super Trellis Review: The Best Indoor Plant Trellis for Your Houseplant Garden

Sep 27, 2023 Patrick Brady

Discover the Super Trellis: Transform your indoor garden with the ultimate plant support. Elevate your houseplants' growth and aesthetics today!

Products Made from Potato(es)

May 28, 2021 Patrick Brady

Indoor Gardening

Blogs, theories, and sometimes a couple rants. If you like our perspective on gardening, this is where you can get some more.

Unlocking Plant Secrets: Comprehensive Care Tips for Thriving Indoor Greenery

Sep 28, 2023 Patrick Brady

Discover the hidden world of plants and their unique behaviors! From the mesmerizing climb of tendrils to the rejuvenating power of regeneration, plants are full of surprises. But did you know that even a simple touch can affect their health? Or that a rustic terracotta pot might not be the best choice for your favorite houseplant? Dive into these intriguing plant insights and uncover why products like the Super Trellis are game-changers for climbing plants. Don't miss out on these essential tips to elevate your plant care game!

Thigmo Responses in Plants

May 25, 2022 Shopify API