Wall Mounts

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Attach your trellis to a wall or flat surface.

Great for making plant walls and organizing a cramped grow space.

Wall mounts attach to hexagons just like normal H-Connectors. No special tools are needed.

Adhesive squares are included.

Hexagons are 3” x 4” and attach to each other with H-Connectors.
10 Hexagons cover about 1’ x 1’ of area.
The exact arrangement determines how much space you can cover.
Bases are 3” wide and stakes are 2.5” long.
Wall mounts space the hexagons 1” off from the wall.
A corner kit is recommended for any freestanding trellis over 12” high.
Our products are currently made from sustainably sourced materials and produced in our facility in Buffalo, NY. The specific materials used are called PLA and PHA. Both are a polymer that is derived from agricultural byproducts. More information

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