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Violet and Lavender

Violet and Lavender

Violet's vividness is softened nicely by lavender's smooth tones. This simple yet eye catching trellis will make a wonderful addition in any home.

Assembly Instructions


Small Curated Pack

6 Super Trellis hexagons (3 of each color)
Hexagon connectors
4 Stakes
2 Bases
1 Crimp Tool

Medium Curated Pack

10 Super Trellis hexagons (5 of each color)
Hexagon connectors
8 Stakes
4 Bases
1 Crimp Tool

Large Curated Pack

20 Super Trellis hexagons (10 of each color)
Hexagon connectors
12 Stakes
6 Bases
1 Crimp Tool


Super Trellis provides support for plants to grow. This trellis is made from eco plastics. which means it won't rot or rust like traditional materials. Super Trellis snaps together easily, allowing you to build and customize to suit your plant's specific needs.


In order to be a healthy and happy many plants need the support of a trellis. Super Trellis is ideal for indoor plants. The expandable design grows with your plant. With over 20 colors to choose from, we're sure you will be able to find the perfect combination!

Peace of mind

We love our product, our customers, and of course... our plants! When you reach out, answers will come directly from us. You become part of our community, giving feedback and helping us become better. Our products are made of renewable resources, and shipped in eco friendly packaging.

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