Blush and Ice Blue - Super Trellis

Blush and Ice Blue

These two colors look like they were made for each other. Blush and Ice Blue are quite the pair, bringing out both the red and grey hues in plants.

Assembly Instructions

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Size chart
Measure pot size across the top of your pot

Measure plant size by the longest stem in the pot, from the soil to the furthest leaf on the longest vine.

Plant Size

Pot Size


Pack Qty






























1.) Hexagons are 4” point-to-point (or 100mm)

2.) Each base is 3” wide, stakes are 2” apart on the base. 

3.) Minimum pot size for one base is 2”


Flat (2D)



The recommendations in the size chart are based on average houseplant sizes. You may be able to trellis a plant on less packs, or you may need extra. It is dependent on the size of a plant’s stem, petioles, and foliage. 


A wispy and light plant like a Philodendron Micans will not need as much structure as a Monstera Deliciosa.


You may be interested in trellising more than one plant, in which case you would add up the height of each trellis to determine how many packs you need. Each pack will build two (5) hexagon trellises or one (10) hexagon trellis as shown in the picture. These are not the only arrangements you can build, but are the most common that we see.

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Our Curated Collection is now a double bundle of Starter Pack 2.0

You'll receive two boxes, one in each color.

New Features

Roots and tendrils rapidly grip onto the new texture

Now included:

(4) Wall mounts

(2) Split Hexagons

(5) L- connectors

Build an even stronger trellis with Starter Pack 2.0 or start your new living wall!

Update to base/stake attachment that is more durable long term

All colors are now available in one kit

All parts included are now color matched

Connectors and mounts are still clear

Order processing for most orders takes 1 business day.

Orders placed before 2pm EST will often ship on the same day.

Our standard shipping speed is USPS 2-3 day or UPS Ground

(8) Hexagon Modules

(2) Split Hexagons

(4) Wall Mounts

(2) Bases

(4) Stakes

(25) H Connectors

(5) L Connectors

(1) Cape

(1) Crimp Tool

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What can you build with Super Trellis?

Potted Plants

All plants do better when they can grow into a light source. Supporting a plant (climbing or not) and guiding them toward stronger light will result in dense, vibrant foliage.

Large Totems

If you're in this for the long haul, our product is for you. There is no height limit when building a tower in a large pot. Plants that you have had for years will thrive on our trellis.

We have helped customers with plants like this Hoya that have been in families for generations.

Indoor Jungles

Wall mounts allow you to attach your trellis to any flat surface. This is a great way to maximize shelf space and keep plants organized under grow lights.

Your trellis can be removed from the mounts easily when you need to rinse, water, or inspect the plant.

Effortless Growth

Climbing plants grow larger, with denser foliage when they are grown on a trellis. A structure to grow on is the most important part of keeping a plant healthy.

Your new trellis will take the confusion out of container gardening.

Any Plant

Thousands of plants have been grown on Super Trellis. So far we have not encountered any species that can't be grown with our system.

Saves Time

Our product expands over time, saving you the hassle of rebuilding the entire support for a plant. As a plant grows, more parts easily snap on.

The arrangement of the trellis can be changed at any time with changes in how a plant is growing.

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