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Plant Supports & Supplies

A plant support is anything that can be used to prop up or direct a plant. The direction that one chooses to grow will determine what type of support system that they decide to purchase for their plant.

Traditional Plant Supports

Generally gardeners will use a support system that will let their plants grow vertically. This is the most common way to support a plant and the most desirable. Growing plants vertically helps keep a garden organized and gives the owner great visibility of their specimens. Vertical growth is most common in vegetables, vines, flower bushes, and trees.

Any of these will work, but is "good enough" really enough?

All of these options have one thing in common, they're made for annuals. Products made for plants that die every year. (ok they're dormant, you got me)

modular trellis system for houseplants

Introducing Super Trellis 
A solution that grows with your plants!

A trellis that is more than a plant support. It's a support system.

Let's get started!

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