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Add Ons & Spares

Extra parts to work with your specific plants or environments.


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Corner Kit - Super TrellisCorner Kit - Super Trellis
Corner Kit Sale price$19.99
Bases and Stakes - Super TrellisBases and Stakes - Super Trellis
Bases and Stakes Sale priceFrom $7.99
Crimp Tool - Super TrellisCrimp Tool - Super Trellis
Crimp Tool Sale price$4.99
Hexagon connectors - Super Trellis
Hexagon connectors Sale price$2.99
20 Pack of Hexagons - Super Trellis20 Pack of Hexagons - Super Trellis
20 Pack of Hexagons Sale price$19.99
Pot Holder Kit - Super Trellis
Pot Holder Kit Sale priceFrom $6.99
Coco Fiber - 200 cu. in. - Super Trellis
Coco Fiber - 200 cu. in. Sale priceFrom $14.99
12 Pack of Hexagons - Pride Colors - Super Trellis12 Pack of Hexagons - Pride Colors - Super Trellis

Tailored Trellis Tips!

Every plant is unique, and so are its needs. Dive into our interactive quiz to find the perfect Super Trellis match and gain insights into nurturing your green companion.