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Long Vines

Long, bare vines are a sign that a plant is in need of some solid support. It is common to see vines creeping along horizontally or stretching vertically against a wall. The speed at which they grow like this can be surprisingly quick and impressive. However, this is not normally the type of growth most growers desire.


Until vines can grip onto proper support, no new leaves will grow from them. The plant is dedicating all of its energy to finding proper support and will only sprout leaves once it is living in a static state.
This continuous movement of tendrils is called Thigmotropism. Tendrils will rotate around looking for the proper support that will give their leaves the best access to light. 

Infinite support

Super Trellis supports your plants and enables you to continuously nurture their growth. There is no limit to the height that a Super Trellis can be built. When your plants begin reaching beyond the top, simply add in more pieces. 

Gone are the days of long vines taking over your greenhouse or living room. Try a Super Trellis today!

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