Vines without leaves?

The most common issue faced with growing vining plants is a lack of healthy growth.

Look Familiar?

A couple leaves and a whole lotta vine. It's growth, but is it what you really want to see?

It can get out of hand 😬

Vines will grow horizontally across surfaces until they bump into a sturdy vertical support.

Until a support is found, no energy will be dedicated to leaf growth.

Fix it in a snap

Once a vine is anchored, energy can be dedicated to leaf growth.

The more leaves a plant has, the faster growth will proceed.

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Hexagon Color
Base Color
20 Super Trellis hexagons
Hexagon connectors
12 Stakes
6 Bases
1 Crimp Tool
Hexagons are 3” x 4” and attach to each other with H-Connectors.
10 Hexagons cover about 1’ x 1’ of area.
The exact arrangement determines how much space you can cover.
Bases are 3” wide and stakes are 2.5” long.
Wall mounts space the hexagons 1” off from the wall.
A corner kit is recommended for any freestanding trellis over 12” high.
Our products are currently made from sustainably sourced materials and produced in our facility in Buffalo, NY. The specific materials used are called PLA and PHA. Both are a polymer that is derived from agricultural byproducts. More information

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