Forest and Mint

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What's Included

Each curated 3-pack includes enough parts to complete three trellises as shown, about 14" tall. Pot sizes pictured at 4" and 6".

A large tower can also be created using all of the parts. Pot size pictured is 10".

Hexagon Modules

(24) Full Hexagons are included along with (75) H-Connectors

Split Hexagon Modules

(12) Split Hexagons are included with (15) L-Connectors. Useful when creating angled trellises

Bases and Stakes

(6) Bases and (12) Stakes are included in each starter pack. Tips of bases can be removed for small pots or chunky potting media

Tower Arrangement

A 2x2 tower can be built utilizing all of the parts in the kit. A great starting point for a multi color tower.

Start Small, Grow Large

Growth Unleashed!

Witness the transformative power of Super Trellis in action.

In just six months, see a modest 6-inch plant soar to an impressive 3 feet.

It's not just about supporting your plants; it's about unlocking their true potential and letting them flourish like never before.




What can you build with Super Trellis?

Potted Plants

All plants do better when they can grow into a light source. Supporting a plant (climbing or not) and guiding them toward stronger light will result in dense, vibrant foliage.

Large Totems

If you're in this for the long haul, our product is for you. There is no height limit when building a tower in a large pot. Plants that you have had for years will thrive on our trellis.

We have helped customers with plants like this Hoya that have been in families for generations.

Basic Living Wall Kit 2 - Super Trellis

Indoor Jungles

Wall mounts allow you to attach your trellis to any flat surface. This is a great way to maximize shelf space and keep plants organized under grow lights.

Your trellis can be removed from the mounts easily when you need to rinse, water, or inspect the plant.